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Chakra & Soul healing  

Chakras (Sanskrit: Chakra= wheel, circle) are according to the yoga philosophy the centers of life energy in and also outside the body, they are the "connections" forms between the different energy levels on which this person manifests himself, can do things or leave things.

This through all our bodies: spiritual body, mental body, emotional body and our physical body.

Chakras are considered to be the central places of life energy, or prana. As such they form larger and smaller nodes in which the energy channels meet (nadis and meridians). In the chakras the energy enters, our "fuel" to live.

The 7 largest chakras in our body are responsible for the activation of the different bodily functions such as breathing, speaking, excreting, walking etc., but also for the different forms of perception through the senses and also our thoughts.

When these central places that give us the life energy are blocked, turn too fast or too slow, we become out of balance. Physically we become tired, exhausted or sick. Our mental body no longer works as it should; thoughts become negative or worse.... Emotionally we feel sad, down, depressed, alone or abandoned.

We do not live our mission and do not use our talents or use them wrongly, our mental being is completely in chaos.

This spiritual aspect that makes who we really are is also out of balance that our soul needs our attention through healing. It wants to get back into balance. The soul wants to show us the way, WHERE TO TOE and especially HOW!

Because the chakras are out of balance, the soul can no longer pass 'nothing' on to us and we are 'adrift'. We no longer hear, feel or see the "message". Also physically we can be completely out of balance. We are lifeless, our hormones are out of balance and we become ill.

Working on our chakras and being balanced again makes us happy and healthy again = Happinezz

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