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Working on the "Blue Dot" in every Cel

While receiving the regenesis treatment, the body regenerates itself at the cellular level during healing.The same thing we see happening when starfish, lizards, frogs and other animals can regenerate parts of their bodies, grow back...

This possibility is also present in humans and this must be activated by working on the blue cell in every body cell we have, which can bring about regeneration.This is called the Blue Dot Energy and is one of the most powerful methods of generating energy for healing.

(...) "A fertilized egg becomes a fetus by constantly sharing itself. When two-thirty cells are formed, the fetus itself selectively begins to create cells based on the DNA pattern, the unique blueprint present in each cell in the body. This process is not yet complete at birth. With the completion of the fetal process, when the baby is about five months old, the cellular energy begins to 'sleep' in the form of 'little blue dots' within each cell nucleus. The Blue Dot Energy".

This life force energy as we use working with Quantum-Touch, Reiki or Touch for Health is the main energy stream used in all Regenesis Healing methods.In addition to this life force energy, the use of our own primal energy in all our cells (DNA) is the indispensable and extra powerful addition in the healing process that is put into action by the client.

In this way the self-healing starts with you and do you get better because your body already knows this process? Regenerate through the body's own intelligence.

Alleviates or eliminates pain, both chronic and acute

Reduces stress, burnout, boreout, depression

Corrects skeletal misalignments - relieves back pain, sciatica, and TMJ syndrome

Promotes metabolic homeostasis - promotes normal functioning of the endocrine system

Alleviates the symptoms of chronic diseases such as multiple sclerosis, hepatitis C, cystic fibrosis, prostatitis and fibromyalgia

Reduces the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments

Integrative - reduces fear and promotes a sense of well-being through major transitions, including death

(...)Robert Rasmusson

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