Cornelle Sterk energy coaching

Retraite Umbrië Italy:

"Be in Balance"

You really want:

Peace of mind finally

See things better, see things differently

Feel more confident and be more assertive,

Can and dare say NO!

Doing what makes you feel good... and you're good at... ...or find this back...

Away from the fear of not being good enough... your strength again

Equipped to live life again with a real smile on your face

Reconnect with your life's mission

Just be happy again

More "fun in life" and especially peace of mind...

A week in Italy, recharge, recharge, get back to yourself and learn to stay balanced.

I'll give you all the tools you need.

In the rustic surroundings of Umbria, you will regain your balance. You can learn to feel your values and norms again, integrate them and then, just go back to life.

Any blockade problems or issues,

you can think about them, work on them in peace and with all the support you need.

Whether you are struggling with HSP (high sensitivity), a starting burnout or choose to work on yourself, we will work on it together.

You can work on:

Rediscovering your self-esteem

regain confidence in yourself by letting go, among other things,

learn to enjoy again and find your inner strength

build up your energy level and learn to keep it in balance

connect with yourself, dare and learn to feel your self-love

your expression, your creativity, your insight, your intuition, your mission, and finding inspiration

How are we gonna do this

We will work on the common goals in the powerful energy of the group, so that everyone can support each other in his or her process.

Furthermore, there are the private conversations with Cornelle, which you can plan yourself with her in the afternoons.

We also offer relaxation massages and energetic massages, you choose what you need (included).

You will be fully recharged and reborn back home. With the renewed knowledge, fully balanced, equipped and with a smile on your face. You feel alive again and how!

The retreats take place 29 September/ 6 Oct. The groups are not larger than 8 persons.

You can ask me for the full day program. I offer different packages in early and late season

If you want to have a private week, working with me, that is also possible

YES I Will 

Fill in the YES I WILL and we are in contact and can talk how you can come with me to Italy

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