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I thought I was "grazy"

High sensitivity is not a condition and certainly not a disease, it is a trait/talent that can be used with all its advantages. As long as you can't take advantage of these benefits yet, you can experience it as a burden. You do not experience a burden from your own character, but often you only recognize this burden when you do not recognize yourself with your specific characteristics in your own immediate environment.

You feel different, weird and you don't want to be weird or crazy. You don't manage to be like the others around you. We live in a fast-paced 'low-sensitivity society' in which you logically do not recognize your own sensitivity. As an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) you can easily feel lonely or different and certainly misunderstood.

Here are some characteristics of highly sensitive persons (HSP) of which I have most.

Take a look at one that's very "normal" to you, too:

You get other people very quickly.

You get very involved in the emotion of another person: emotions of others

They're really grabbing you.

Because you are hypersensitive to someone else's moods, you run the risk of being dragged into this mood. You also tend to "go along" with someone else's emotion.

You can really enjoy taste, smell, because you experience everything very intensely.

You really need to be able to withdraw, preferably daily to "relax" for a while.

You can't (well) withstand pressure from outside.

You become 'stressed' when you have to do several tasks at the same time and you come under pressure.

As a child, you may have been shy and quiet or really extravagant.

You can't stand noise and loud noises and also avoid violent films.

Why I also thought I wasn't "normal" .....

I felt other people's moods.

I had (them of course) a strongly developed intuition with which I didn't dare to do anything, because I was called "crazy".

I often saw at a glance what happened between people, the illnesses, the quarrels and pregnancies.

I suffered enormously from the negativity and bluntness of people.

I was often upset, had migraines, stomach aches and weird little ailments.

So there are other HSP behaviors to mention... If you want to learn to live with this, I've been through this "hell" of misunderstanding and being laughed at. Don't feel comfortable with it. You're different and you're ashamed of it. No, I'm helping you make it a strength, a talent, so don't be ashamed and let's work on it together.

Your life becomes really fun, contact me and learn to live with HSP, become happy and healthy again.

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