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12-color meditation 2 days £ 225,00

The 12 colours that are inside and outside every cell, organ

and our entire body being energetically one with the body

making sure we're energetically in balance, to be healthy

and make us feel happy.

You are going to experience and learn all this during

this weekend.

Being able to balance yourself and others and stay

energetic in balance.


Interested in learning more about Energetic Treatments,

Holistic Medicine or Quantum Medicine?

I will be very happy to give a lecture about it.

Groups: 50 - 500 persons

I do this in all European countries and the USA.

Prices on request

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"Energy in Balance"

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Chakras = my health 3 - days course £345,00

In this workshop we are going to learn all about

the 7 chakras that are located in the different places in

our body. You're going to activate them on the

various ways so you're going to feel power and

you will learn how to remove blockages that are there.

Quantum Touch basis 1 weekend £225,00

During this weekend you will take the first steps

with breathing and awareness techniques in the world

of energetic healing

Without complicated protocols, you will be able to

deal with and heal physical complaints

after these 2 days.

These techniques can be taught to anyone who chooses to work with energy.


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