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Why Energy coaching and Healing?

Through fears, beliefs and emotions you can lose sight of yourself or reality. You then live a life in which you do not feel comfortable, in which it is all difficult and difficult. With all its consequences. You become ill, you get a divorce, you have problems with your family, you get a burnout or you are just unhappy and don't understand what you are doing here on earth! You who are engaged in this process of awareness, sometimes you need courage to take the next steps in your development and evolutionary process.

Energy coaching and Healing brings you all the way back to yourself, back to the person you originally were. You grow towards unity and love and it reconnects you with Oneness, so that mind, soul and body integrate, become one. You can start living the way you want and it also creates space for new things. Health and Happinezz are then a logical consequence.

All the ballast from the past is released in a painless way and you can start living from your true potential. You overcome fears and will be able to live from a feeling of more space. Space for yourself, but also space towards the other. You will get a better overview of your own life, you can take distance as it were and look at how you live and you will "know" how you want to live from now on.

Through Energy coaching and Healing your new life will be characterised by more love for yourself, more love for others, peace and pleasure. Because of the inner strength this gives you, you will also encounter less difficulties. Power of others no longer has any influence on you. No one will try to influence you anymore because you radiate that inner strength and inner peace. You are no longer used, consumed (energetically) or abused.

I work from the principle that: "Everything consists of energy." If you look at the energy in a "healthy" body we speak of: "balance of energy." If you are healthy of body and mind, we speak of absence of ailments and illnesses. Diseases and all kinds of ailments also have an energy charge. This energy charge is on the low side (sometimes these are blockages in the body, thinking, emotions or in the spiritual body=misse & talents live), so there is no balance in the energy balance (energy cannot flow freely).

You can realize this through Energy coaching and Healing. Together we look at which form of coaching or healing suits you best, what can best help and support you now. Make the choice and live!

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