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You can't fulfill your happinezz purpose in 1 day but you can change your direction to go there in 1 day

- Cornelle Sterk -

The Experience of Energy-Coachings = Life-changing

Working with energy coaching you will find balance, harmony and energy renewal amidst the hectic bustle of everyday pressures. Being a woman or man, mother or father, giving everybody the best you can, always... Getting tired, unbalanced feeling, not understood, no energy left anymore. Choose your unique energy coachings traject and experience more: "Health & happinezz."

The caterpillar now becomes the beautiful unique butterfly

"you are deep inside ALL-READY"

Why Energy Coaching: Because you feel tired all the time, sleep badly, have small physical problems, you never say no! Then is this coaching (Regenesis) the solution 4 you.

Energy Coaching therapy

Why Inner Child Coaching: Because you always put people first and now you can't keep that up. You have to do this and drag yourself along, misunderstood.


Why Happinezz coaching: Because you feel sad, cold inside, , alone and maybe even depressed... life isn't laughing at you anyway. Everything feels heavy too.The quantum healing helps you out.

Happininezz Coaching
Oneness healing

Why Chakra healing: Because somewhere you know something's wrong, you eat healthy, you work out, you're happy, right? Your chakra's are not in balance and feel "incomplete".

Mineral Healing

Why Soul healing: Because you don't live your own life, but the life of your partner, your parents or those around you. You know it's not right, but how else would it be... ...if you really dared to live.

DNA Healing & Coaching

Why DNA healing: Because there are things in your life you are dealing with. You know it is not yours. It's from your family-line. You wanna get rid of it now. Mentally or Physically...

Choose Your Coaching or Healing Start today!


Energy Coachings & Energy Healings

Choose here what you feel, you need now, and together, as a team, we're gonna work on it:

  • Think: different or less
  • Feel: more, less or different
  • Doing: different or less
  • Spiritual: finding your purpose in life

Energy Coaching by Cornelle
Regenesis Energy Coaching

Regenesis & Super Quantum touch 

Quantum medicine is limitless - faster results - more powerful. Regenesis is the energy healing method that works at the DNA level (genes and cells) and was developed over 50 years ago by Robert Rasmusson. His unique Blue Dot Energy method allows you to regenerate diseased and damaged cells to healthy cells (cell biology). It can even help to heal cancer, chronic diseases and serious psychological problems such as manic depression.

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Chakra & soulhealing Cornelle Sterk

Chakra & Soul healing 

Chakra are the entrance/doors to our energetic body. They transmit "life energy" so that we can live. So it is important to bring and keep the eight most important chakras in balance. If there is a chakra that cannot work properly, an imbalance arises in our body that can lead to emotional, psychological or physical complaints. Soul healing is the healing of your subconscious and helps you connect with your higher consciousness.

Innerchild Coaching Cornelle Sterk

Inner Child Healing

Trauma is one of the greatest health problems of our time. Which take a visible toll such as relationship disorders, burn-out, searches for happiness, endless sessions with therapists. A feeling of not being mature, a feeling of being rushed, a feeling of not being okay or sometimes, just not feeling it. You don't know where it comes from, but you do feel the destructive energy and experience its effects in daily life.Emotionally not being able to grow up makes your inner child very vulnerable. I help you with that.

Retraite Umbrië, Italië  Cornelle Sterk

Retreats in Nature

In Group or private

Do you want to work on yourself in a beautiful energetically strong place in group. You can also choose to work with me in private for 5-7 days. Come with me to Italy and create a lasting balance in your life.

book Energy in Balance

Workshops  & Seminars

Order here my Free-Ebook

"Be energeticly in Balance"

I like to share my knowledge and if you want to learn more about energy, feel free to take a look at the dates and topics. You can already read my Free Ebook, just order now

Lion- Cornelle power

Unique HSP coaching  

sensitive persons or high sensitive persons (HSP) are very aware of the world arround them. They feel more and don't no what to do with it or how to live with it. I'm an HSP lady myself and fully specialized in this. Manu years I tought I was not good enough, different... Now I know how to handle it, fially I feel okay too

If you don't change what you do...!

You alwys get the same "things".

Choose differently NOW because you're worth it too

- Cornelle Sterk -

About Me

I've gone through deep valleys and I've been really looking for what went wrong that I was always so tired and got weird diseases. I knew high peaks and also deep valleys.

The loss of my son, a divorce and bankruptcy. The cancer I overcame. It had to stop!

It has led me to look for ways to turn all this around, to be happy and to make sure that others don't cut off "my wings". Not to determine my life by others, but to choose how to live, my way. Looking differently at the past and daring to see it as moments of growth.

I have finally discovered my healing talent. I have learned to use my being HSP (=high sensitive person) as a talent. To accept who I am, with all my good and bad sides. Now I became more myself. My life turned 360 degrees instead of 180 degrees. Finally I am myself, I feel good and happy.

I made it my life's mission to inspire as many people as possible to follow their unique path. The path of being able to stay in balance. I do this in my own practice, during workshops and retreats in Italy and online.

My mission: I am where I am allowed to be... in the broadest sense of the word

Reviews: from Cliënts  

“I can best describe Cornelle as one chunk of warm and pure energy, a real 'jump in the field' and an inexhaustible source of information. Like no other she knows how to get the best out of her clients and motivate them positively. Above all, however, she is a unique thoroughbred among coaches. As a citizen of the world and holistic coach among other things, her life motto is 'I am where I am allowed to be'. I can only conclude that wherever that is, Cornelle will come into her own in every place!

Hadewijch Hauben MD

With respect for each person's soul, Cornelle goes along with anyone who is willing to work on his/her transformation to make the germinated seed blossom into a beautiful flower. Thank you for your bold, respectful approach in your group lessons and private Cornelle-sessions.

A top teacher/coach pur sang!

Ann Dhondt

Commercial Advisor & Flow Manager BNP Paribas Fortis

“In May 2016 I went to Italy for a week. I was supposed to spend a week on reflection with a coach, Cornelle. This woman has a very special outlook on life and is a very inspiring person. The trip to Montone made me think and make me who I am now. A girl with high-sensitivity and a past. But I see the past as something that has made me stronger and today I am happy to be who I am. Thank you Cornelle

Kirstin Vandewouwer

Speek therapist (young adults)

Meet Cornelle

The inventor of FMES coaching. Cornelle's mission is to find the appropriate solution for the well-being of everyone who enters her practice. For years, Cornelle has been the caring, "safe haven" for people of all ages.This in order to tackle their pain, sorrow or problem together with her.

When Cornelle does not use her magical "happinezz-touch" to soothe pain, increase joy of life or transform lives in a positive way, she trains student psychologists and therapists who also want to learn or deepen these techniques. Over the years, Cornelle has also implemented the most innovative holistic techniques of natural medicine to further meet the needs of its patients. 

Schedule an online meeting to experience Cornelle's new holistic approach.

The FMES method is accessible to anyone of any age. 

aster life coach Cornelle Sterk

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